A post-Fathers Day Special!

This week we speak with Father and former host of the ‘Life Matters’ Show on the Voice of Charity Radio Network and co-founder of Cana Marriage Formation, Mr Buddy Jilwan. He is a proud father of great children and someone who is active in the community, working with many men and couples. He really teaches the listeners of this episode a thing or two about authentic fatherhood, with some very practical examples in modern life today.

It is very important that if we draw practical wisdom as an example for ourselves or our own application, it should be current advice relevant to our time, and in this episode Buddy very eloquently demonstrates this in the scenarios discussed and the 3 Practical tools he provides for all men, fathers, prospective fathers and even spouses who are listening. This promises to be a great episode that will shape your perspective!


More formation as a married couple is not something that is readily available today, that is why Buddy is Co-founder of Cana Marriage Formation – for any couples who want to grow personally and spiritually, get in touch today by clicking the below link 


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