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Women Deacons? The Catholic Toolbox

This week we speak with Theologan Dr Robert Haddad regarding the legitimacy of the argument of Women Deacons, and we discover some very shocking truths regarding this ministry, and the clarify of the early Church regarding the actual role they played.   Furthermore we discuss any need for them today. We will not reveal much about this episode any more, and we hope you will enjoy and learn very much!   #TheCatholicToolbox #RadioShow #TheArtofPracticalCatholicism #Catholicism #CatholicTalkShow #PracticalSolutions #takeactionwithyourfaith #action — #TheCatholicToolbox #RadioShow #TheArtofPracticalCatholicism #Catholicism #CatholicTalkShow #PracticalSolutions #takeactionwithyourfaith #action — Don't forget to check out our website: Get your copy of "The Art of Practical Catholicism" by George Manassa:  Get your copy of "The Server's Toolbox" by George Manassa:  Make your purchase at our online store: Book George Manassa to speak at your parish or event now:  – Affiliates: Television Host – TV Maria:    LIVE Radio Host – Voice of Charity Australia (1701AM):     ONLINE Radio Affiliate Host – Cradio Online Radio:     Partner – Parousia Media:   Subsidiary Partner  – The Rite of Manhood Podcast:    Partner – EWTN Asia Pacific  
  1. Women Deacons?
  2. The Second Coming
  3. Raising Catholic Kids
  4. Evangelising Your Secular Workplace
  5. Marriage Prep – Review 2

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