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‘Traditionis Custodes‘ – Future of the Latin Mass The Catholic Toolbox

This week Auxiliary Bishop of Astana, Kazakistan speaks about the future of the Church, the position of the Society of St Pius X and Pope Francis' current 'Traditionis Custodes' — SUBSCRIBE to our weekly Alert and Newsletter:   Get your copy of "The Art of Practical Catholicism" by George Manassa:    Get your copy of "The Server’s Toolbox" by George Manassa:    Make your purchase at our online store:   Book George Manassa to speak at your parish or event now:    – Affiliates: Television Host – TV Maria:    LIVE Radio Host – Voice of Charity Australia (1701AM):     ONLINE Radio Affiliate Host – Cradio Online Radio:     Partner – Parousia Media:   Subsidiary Partner  – The Rite of Manhood Podcast:    Partner – EWTN Asia Pacific
  1. ‘Traditionis Custodes‘ – Future of the Latin Mass
  2. Lockdown Mental Health Tools
  3. The Mass & Youth in 2021
  4. Indulgences & Purgatory Explained
  5. Book Launch – The Server's Toolbox – A Spiritual & Ritual Guide to Serving the Liturgy

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