Book Launch: Dying to Live – Reflections on Life After Death

This week we launch the new book Dying to Live – Reflections on Life After Death by John Flader. This is a spectacular book which takes the most vital questions of our existence and ponders on the origins of the world, the existence of a God, and most importantly what will happen when we die. In this book he attempts to make the case for the existence of meaning in our lives, the existence of the soul outside the body, and finally the existence of a deity.

He tackles this from a purely human perspective attracting all people to these questions. The remarkable parts of this book is that it draws on empirical evidence through the experience of people having a ‘near death experience’ and return to the body after. They leave us with much wisdom and data to draw upon, in making a decision regarding our own spiritual awareness. 

Towards the conclusion of the book, the additional extra cases are made for why Jesus also may provide us with more of this very key ‘data’ about the spiritual world. At least he would be world listening to! Then this ‘Church’ which he founded which has stood the test of time and preached the truth may also be worth considering. In no way does the book impose the faith upon the reader, but it impresses upon the human questions and makes the case from Science and Reason, which finally may open the reader to think on a supernatural level as well. However the natural human concerns of the existence of this world and life after death will be met for each person.


To summarise – Every Human being over the age of reason and capable of reading must read this book.


Biography of the Author

John Flader was born in Kohler, Wisconsin, U.S.A., and studied Chemistry at Harvard University, graduating with a B.A. in 1962. He then went to Rome to continue to study between 1962 to 1964

From 1964 to 1967 he studied Canon Law at the University of Navarre in Pamplona, Spain, obtaining a doctorate in 1967. He was published by the University of Navarre Press in 1968.

To this day he has been working in Schools around Sydney, Australia in Redfield College, Tangara College and is a columnist for ‘Question Time’ and is author of the ‘Question Time’ series.




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