The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – By George Manassa

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass


Tune in to hear founder of The Catholic Toolbox, Rite of Manhood and Author of ‘The Art of Practical Catholicism: George Manassa. 

This week he will explain the Theology of the Sacrifice of the Mass as it was taught for centuries by the Church. You will understand deeply and clearly what the Mass really is.

You will then process to look at what appears to be dull and repetitive ritual in the Mass, then proceed to see this in a whole new dimension, as the very human means by which divine work can happen.

The listener will definitely be able to understand that, Ritual is something in our own very nature, and that the very mass itself cannot occur without the external expression fo the ‘Lex Orandi’ which manifests the Theology of the Mass , being the lex ‘Credendi’. In short, the ritual must practice what we preach, just like our everyday actions practice what we preach. This is not an often touched upon perspective on the Mass.

Finally this episode will close with a call to Love the Mass more deeply, and will not fail to deliver in terms of motivating you to get back on Sunday and also desire to attend more frequently during the week. 


George is also the author of The Server’s Toolbox’ which delves deep into the world of discerning to serve the liturgy.


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